Quake came out 20 years ago today



Holy shit. I was about a year out of college and ‘adjusting’ crappily to a sorta new city and a bunch of shitty jobs. I remember one job where I finished ALL of my work by 9:30 AM. I walked around and asked for work. There wasn’t any. I had to sit and wait for calls and had nothing to do from about 10AM until 5 most days. So I played single player Quake shareware (and jagged alliance) and would tab out of it whenever someone would come around. I had pretty good hearing…

I supposed I got caught a few times (once by the drunk guy with the grey scales on his back(!?)) but then I would start bothering, bothering, bothering people for work which they didn’t have for me and they didn’t care any more since they just wanted to be left alone and everything I needed to do was always done, checked and double checked every day by mid-morning. I got about half way through the game sp at that time, but then started playing Multiplayer due to Keneda– so much multiplayer.

Without Quake I wouldn’t have taught myself web development or .asp and sql. So that sorta means without Quake, I probably wouldn’t have the job I do which– it’s insane to me to say this— but I actually like 90% of the time.

My favorite version was the Verite quake (built for a single video card).  It just was sooo smooth and awesome looking, even better than the OpenGL stuff that came later.

Now though, I am enjoying (for single player only) the SUPER8 Mod.  Get it here.

Here is a good homage article on SHACKnews, which IIRC along with Blues News wouldn’t exist without Quake either!

So what I need to do is get some of the Video tapes we took of Quake rendered into mp4’s and post them on Youtube.  You will see how SHITTY we were in 1996 compared to about a year later.

Tomorrow = Wallet bad touching!

Valve’s summer sale on steam starts tomorrow (at least so the leaks say) and your wallet needs to be prepared, cause it’s going to get pilloried and then beat with a hairbrush and then full on bented.

Now, I don’t want to hear all these excuses about how bad your game backlog is and that you shouldn’t buy any new games until you ‘finish’ the old ones. Of fucking COURSE you shouldn’t. Frankly we should all just be playing CIV4 or Dominions 4 or DOTA2 and not anything else. Total cost today: about 16$. Instead we’re going to buy Witcher 3 at 20% off and Far Cry 4 and LISA and Crimzon Clover and Eschelon 2 and (for those that don’t have them yet) Darkest Dungeon, Dungeon of the Endless and Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 and they may sit in our steam library uninstalled for YEARS before we play them. So what? Do it anyway. There are just some games, no matter how long it takes to even get them installed, that you fucking NEED to have. Do it.

Again, if I see that LISA is missing from your library, I’m buyin it for you. And Sensless has a birthday and needs to have some games applied to his account.

Other than stuff listed above, I’m looking for Blood Bowl 2, Vermintide, Mordheim, BFG and shit all the Games Workshop IP stuff that I haven’t got around to buying to go on sale (slightly). If I was going to ask one game peeps should buy together it would be Vermintide and then we can play like friends again. Like we did in 1998.

Free RPG day 2016 and sharting for the win

Free RPG day was good this year.  Perfect weather and two places in town that were hosting it.  There was TOO much good stuff to choose from so tough choices had to be made.  We ended up getting SLUGS! of course, which is a ridiculous Lamentations of the Flame Princess spoof (yes, it has some good monsters in it, but the intro– teeing off on all non DIY publishers in a Donald Trump style diatribe must be read to be believed), The Derelict, a Cthulhu adventure, the Nights Black Agents/13th Age combo (the 13th Age adventure looks pretty good too) and the obligatory Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure.  All of it kick ass stuff that will get some use (except the Nights Black Agents– we don’t play that) even if we just read it.

Why attack the Xmas slug? Why???
Why attack the Xmas slug? Why???


After the whirlwind of game and comic shops in the morning, Keneda (in town for the weekend), Sensless, Okyo and I got together and play Talisman with the Cataclysm expansion– with the new board only and not any other big boards. This meant no dungeon, no city, no Highlands and no Woodlands.

We did include the REAPER expansion cards (not the reaper himself) as I feel this expansion at least is absolutely essential.  There were a few Frostmarch and Sacred Pool cards included cause we were sort of drunken by the time we started sorting to no ill effect.

Cataclysm, being a new main board an all, has some surprises.  Gone are the standard places visited for healing, FATE and buying stuff. Instead there are areas where you draw new cards called “denizens” who represent effects from the old board, but randomized around.  If the denizen originally belonged in the space you drew her, she will stay, otherwise they are one-shot cards.  For example if you draw the BARMAID in the graveyard, she won’t stay but she’ll stay if she’s in the Tavern or Village.  Cool stuff.

We also played with the new crown of command as the goal rather than the random center cards, which is more deadly for everybody as the person on the crown can be killed using it as well.

We played at first with only Cataclysm characters (draw one rather than the usual three and choose), then when one would die, replacements were randomized from the whole deck of characters as normal (draw 2 and choose, die again, draw only one, die again and you’re out!)


Pyssed up again.
Pyssed up again, post pestilence, pre shart.

Here were the first set of characters:

Sensless: MUTANT

Me: Black Knight

Okyo: Arcane Scion

Keneda: Scavenger

This was a LONG game, about 1.5 hours per player.  Why?  We got drunk and were at least slightly drunk the whole time– with the game initiated via a shot of Jeppsom’s Malort for all and then beers.  There was a lot of side saddle talk and wandering outside.  Luckily no pinners or it would have ended prematurely with unconsciousness.

Despite the drunkeness and length, there was some excitement at the table.  I’ve ripped on 4th edition despite it being my preferred edition of Talisman on account of it’s lack of deadliness,  mostly due to FATE points saving the day all the fucking time, but we had more characters driven into the mud this game than any recent games I can remember.   Cataclysm has some nastiness and by the third turn or so, an event came along and ripped all the fate from all players,  so things were very risky risky.

After fate was gone, there was TOADAGE.  The mutant met the wizard denizen and was promptly toaded. He lived long enough to land on his ‘stuff’ space and encounter the wizard again– and get TOADED again.  There was another wizard that finally put the hapless toad-mutant to rest–and was replaced by the Barbarian!

More Toadage ensued as my black knight was toaded by the same Wizard denizen as the Mutant and didn’t survive; becoming toad-meat for a giant spider.  A lucky draw got me the ELEMENTALIST.

Without FATE, we were all running weak and lifeless with no easy access to the chapel or city and naughty instead of nice denizens about.  Pestilence came at just the right time and took out the Barbarian and Scavenger for their trouble. Keneda was on her last character–the Assassin.

The mid-game was long– maybe 3 hours long and the arcane scion was slowly building up, but refused to go to the middle.  I got pumped quick with the Elementalist (not hard to do) and made a run for the middle, got lucky making it up but suffered badly at the Lich (replaced death on the STRENGTH side of the center region) and had only a single health going into the crown of command.

The command spell destroyed the Assassin and another character I can’t remember that replaced the Scavenger, but it wasn’t enough for my Elementalist, especially after the sharting.  Right before the final turn to get to the middle, Okyo gambled and lost and had to run to the bathroom.  He came back and despite the Elementalist at the crown of command, despite the humidity and Malort and Schlitz and underwear in the outdoors trash can, the Arcane Scion made it to the crown of command with a single life left as well and won the combat handily vs the Elementalist for the final win.

It was a good, albeit slow game.  Cutting out all the expansions was a really good idea for this one, as there was a ton of new stuff in Cataclysm. I think I’d like to play it a few more times with just that set, the base adventure deck plus

Since in Cataclysm, no one knows where to go to get stuff until the denizens come out, it’s tough to get healed, get fate and buy weapons/armor.  This is quite a shift from the old board where you know just where to go to get refilled.

a winner is you.
a winner is you.

Tobal 2 and Virtua Fighter 5

We played a surprising amount of both VF5 and Tobal 2.  I just couldn’t get the hang of Tobal again, even with Ill Goga and Gren and failed miserably.  My timing was WAY off.  Matt, however, was all over it with Epon whopping ass.

Despite my love for Tobal, VF is the better game, with a shocking amount of incredibly nuanced characters and simply the best fight engine there is.  It still looks GORGEOUS and caused a lot of yelling (same with Tobal) when the physics or throwing engines showed something spectacular (guaranteed throws and some of the reversals in VF are amazing to watch).  Fighters are a million times more fun when you are all sitting around playing, on a console or arcade machine.  This is why EVO and all those cons have such a strong following.  Playing online is OK, but face to face with the crying out and yelling is where it’s at.


I’d like to imagine this day was like a typical Saturday in 1996-2000 or so, before everything changed.  Those four years were (sad as it seems now) formative madness to the extreme.


I was off to the West for a long training and there’s been no time to really post so this is going to be a splatter of crap on the side of the bowl.

Steve and I went to the new Games Workshop (now WARHAMMER) store in Boulder to get some paints and saw a bunch of AOS crap but amidst it was the new Heroquest style Silver Tower game.  Miniatures looked great, the card board pieces that came with it are up their with Rackham’s Hybrid and Nemesis (read: good) and while not as cool looking as those, it looks to be a more playable game.  Though everything fantasy related from GW these days is really, really, really:


While out west, I didn’t get inside any headshops or smoke them tweeds as the saying goes. The thought was there, but it didn’t really count for much in the end.  I saw a place called “Starbuds” and thought that was clever and likely going to be sued soon!  I did walk through MANY clouds of THC both indoors and outdoors.  For a little while at least, I could pretend we were (collectively, instead of just Western CO) living in the better times imagined during the mid/late 90’s rather than a billionaire dominated, post citizen united, Swift boat veteran style country.

Blood Bowl is coming out.  There are pictures of people playtesting and some of the miniatures.  This is the first thing I’ve been really pumped about from GW that wasn’t a video game since Warhammer 8th Edition.  While AOS is garbage compared to the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game and Warhammer proper, with the announcement of a new Epic, Blood Bowl and Necromunda, things may turn around for my interest in their stuff at least.


The BB miniatures look… awful chunky.  I’m not sure I dig the look of the orks, but the humans, especially the human catchers, look great.  The dwarves I’ve seen are very very blocky, and not the drunk, bearded short-fatties we’re used to. It’s not the olde worlde style, since they blew it up and all that.  I’m VERY glad the humans aren’t Sigmarines.  That helps a lot.

For weeks now, Warhammer Total War has been out and it’s gotten good reviews. …and I am going to wait to buy it, not because it isn’t great (it’s been the fastest selling TW game to date) or buggy (reports are that it’s a cleanish release by CA, which is a ..second?), but because I want to get a new video card first and play DOOM, then dish out the cash for Warhammer TW. Plans, plans– all go to ruins when I just start up Torchlight 2 again, or Fallout 4, or Darkest Dungeon.

I started playing LISA before I went off to training.  Wow.  Some broken people are responsible for that shit.  While I haven’t gotten anywhere, I want you to share my pain.  Highly recommended.  Buy it.


Other stuff along the RPG front:

There are two new releases from Lamentations of  the Flame Princess. One is by the guy who did Dwimmmmmermmmmmount and the other is by some English bloke set during the English Civil war.  Remember that shit?  I got them in the mail and plowed through Cursed Chateau, which reminds me a bit of Castle Amber (a good thing) and started on England Upturn’d. With World of the Lost, Towers Two and these new ones, I’m going to need to run some LotFP again soon.

SLUGS is coming on Free RPG day.  Look at that purdy cover.  It even has the GENCON booth for this year.


And this is from an interview here:

The inspiration for LotFP is the basic belief that the life of an adventurer is a hellish thing that nobody sane would want – full of danger and violence with no real home, no real family, no certainty, ever. Think of the classic RPG adventure form: You’re going into some dark hole with a sinister history, fully expecting to encounter death traps and supernatural monsters and all sorts of things that want nothing more to kill you and probably eat you, and you’re doing it for some money. …
That’s LotFP.”


This weekend is TALISMAN Weekend with Keneda.  We will drink, play Tobal 2 and play a massive couple of games of Talisman with (nearly) all the expansions.  This will include the new board, which is quite a work of art and a full on deconstructionist version of the original 4E and 2E’s boards.


While the 4e board is good, it really needed the FF artistic touch, so here it is!



Discussion of various mosh pits

this is a PAINTING.
this is a PAINTING.

Had lunch with a friend who had experienced various mosh pits and we discussed them: the changes over the decades, and which mosh pits were better, which were worse and which were absolutely terrible.  It’s been a long time, probably eight years or so since I’ve been in one, so I can’t say from recent experience but…

When I was a wee lad and a skate rat, mosh pits were primarily the domain of the punks, which would be post-punk really since it was the early to mid 80’s. Skinheads, punks, and other various fuckers would be in a mosh pit, so, as skate rats, who these guys would likely love to smash all over the place, we had to watch out. Also, since we were all about 125 pounds that didn’t help either. What helped though was being dodgy, which we were. From my little experience, I remember the 80’s mosh pits sucking real bad and not being fun at all because people were trying to really hurt the other people with elbows and knees and teeth. Luckily there wasn’t any other types of objects involved as there were later.  Unicorn, Shank Hall, these types of places became places I loved to completely avoid to ask to go to a concert.  Despite my taste in music at the time (punk and metal), I would have rather gone to a Boston concert than Die Kruetzen.

When I was in college, it was the grunge and goth mosh pits that I got in. By far the best was at the Nine Inch Nails concert at the UF ballroom in 1991. This was a very fun and silly pit to be in. Before the concert I thought– oh a mosh at a NiN concert? No fucking way, but it was big and people were generally friendly about it, it being Florida and all and not some industrial midwestern wasteland where everyone is pissed off all the time. NiN is fairly goth (see below), but whatever was going on that day at UF, it wasn’t a typical gothpit.

Grunge was a mixed bag. Certainly the mosh pits happened, and I was in quite a few at the Surf Club house at school which had a wrought-iron staircase in the room with the band in it and people would try to ram you up against that if they could. Altogether though, grunge mosh was a bit middling as the whole movement sort of couldn’t be bothered with it much or they just suddenly remembered OH WE SHOULD MOSH and it was sort of stoned and lethargic at best.

During and after college I was in a few, maybe two, goth/neo industrial type mosh pits and they were very stupid. First of all, some of guys in there would wear spikes and stuff and like the punks of old, would be trying to hurt you with them by raking it up your back or arms. I did not take kindly to this and would try to trip those guys onto the ground whenever I could. In once instance one of my larger friends (we were no longer 125 pounds at this time) simply pushed one guys onto the ground over and over until he left the area.

My friend who I had lunch with mentioned the goth mosh pits in an unfavorable way as well, saying that people would put razor blades a little bit sticking out of their boots to cut people up.  This is likely the GG Allen stuff I really didn’t experience, thankfully because it was terrible.

As I was older, I got to experience Metal mosh pits, which really wasn’t a think in the hair band days of the 80’s. The difference, and this is critical, between Goth, Punk and Metal mosh pits is that at a metal concert pretty much everyone is VERY HAPPY TO BE THERE. You go to Slayer or Hatebreed, Gojira or Clutch, the fans are really happy to be there and they are happy to see the other happy metal fans that are there. So, naturally, the mosh pits are big, fun pushing affairs where people pick you up off the ground if you fall down and don’t try to stomp or kick you or knock your teeth out. I don’t know the year, but the biggest mosh pit I’ve ever been in was at Hatebreed in Milwaukee. I don’t know even where the concert was held or remember how I ended up going, but it was sn incredibly huge pit, never ever stopped and tons of fun.  While mosh pits are not exactly METAL-NATIVE, we both agreed, they are the best by far. You will still get a bit hurt as it’s  a mosh pit after all, but really the people are there to get fucking loaded, mosh and listen to metal and they are not, in general, broken, degenerate people who focus on being raging pissed off at everything (punks) or very sad and wicked as a natural state (goths) with violence on their mind above all.

Dan Witz