The Mraaking Blood Bowl League

After much ado ado, we finally got an even number of players for the Mraaktagon Blood Bowl league (not with miniatures this time but via the Legendary Edition online).  Here are the teams.

Steveformer – Amazons

Sensless – Skaven

Littlemute – Chaos

Nodamage – Undead

Turftoe – “High” Elves

Ultrasmurf – Norse (!?)

My guess for the winners? We have two heavy hitting teams and four agility/passy teams (yes the Skaven are a bit of both).
High Elves and Skaven in the final. High Elves 3, Skaven 2.

2 thoughts on “The Mraaking Blood Bowl League”

  1. Those are “high” expectations for my elves. Im sure Nuffle will be on my side. Ive not forgotton my stinging playoff loss to Senseless some years ago. Vengence will be mine.

  2. i am unable to play this type of game with you chaps, my tastes and intellectualness do not allow for it.

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