Talisman HIGHlands

HIGHLANDHearkening back to my mental state when I first became fanatical about Talisman (1991), Fantasy Flight has announced the newest BOARD expansion for Talisman 4th edition: HIGHLANDS.  This puts to rest for awhile the debate about the City expansion being released.  Included will be 6 characters– obviously one is the Highlander, and from the tiny pic of the box cover I see the Valkyrie (awesome!) , but I can’t pick out any of the others. I do see a total of three sets of boobs there though.

One thought on “Talisman HIGHlands”

  1. i want to start collecting this 4th edition. i have a near completed 2nd edition, just missing dragons. how wrong am i to want the new version? seems like i’ll drop around 180 bucks just to get caught up on 4th edition.

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