Some More Cosmic Expansion Info

Love the Hate

Fantasy Flight posted more info on the Cosmic Conflict expansion to the greatest board game ever made with the release of info for a new alien: Xenophile! ¬†Other than the self-referential artwork comedy of an alien blubbering over one of the most hated alien powers in the game (aptly named HATE), I think the power is pretty solid as it’s after card reveal and add OR Subtract– given that you’re going to have at least one enemy colony in your home system during a game, this gives quite a bit of flexibility in the face of Anti-Matter, Loser, Magician, etc. Here is a link to the info page. ¬†Hopefully this is out soon while we’re still stuck indoors due to old man winter.

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  1. I lost two games when i played with you Mute, or did i have a 3 way tie win? shit that game is fun and I do play on acquiring it this summer.

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