New Years Day Cosmic Encounter

For the second time in slightly more than two years, we’ve hosted a New Years Day Cosmic Encounter party– this involves recovering from hangovers by drinking and playing Cosmic Encounter as many times as possible.  In both cases, this year was no exception.

We had 11 people this year so split into two tables of 5 and 6.  One group played with a base set and one expansion (the one with the Hazards) and the second group played with nearly everything except tech and space ports.    We had some cracking games, but my first game was the very first time I’d seen the Entropy Beast in action– it devours planets based on number of ships and a draw of a special card from the destiny deck.  Once one player is down to 2 planets, the game is over and everyone loses.   In most games that are player vs player, the fact that the board would suddenly ‘win’ the game would normally be a bit shite, but in Cosmic Encounter it’s really just par for the course.

Cosmic, again, shows it’s mettle as the best multiplayer board game in existence.  We had at least three people that had never played before and they were able to jump right in among the mimosas.

Party like it's 20015!
Party like it’s 20015!

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