Queen's Blade Mellowna
Mellowna says YAY!

Wow, I can’t believe I missed this last month!  Looks like we have Lunatic (new), Claw (new), Filth and Empath confirmed as part of the new set of 20 aliens (bringing the total to 90!) as well as another set of planets and ships in JET BLACK for 7th player slot.   Not that I needed another reason to play Cosmic Encounter, but there it is: I’ve never played a 7-player game unless player 7 was the Advisor variant (who could still win).  I just feel bad for many of the other board games slowly going to dust in my basement region.  They have emotions and they are crying (except for Calyus and Agricola).

Which aliens are you hoping for? I was really hoping for the Filth and that’s in, but for me– Silencer, Aristocrat, Vampire, Terrorist.