More more more COSMIC ENCOUNTER!

Animal: doesn't like not getting invited

FF just released a smidgen of details for the up coming Cosmic Alliance expansion.

Races for sure in:  Gorgon, Schizoid, Animal (new), Cyborg (I think new too).  I’m going to dig out my Mayfair version tonight to review the aliens I think will be in this new expansion. I’m hoping for SILENCER above all as that is a doozy of a power.   While it has pieces for another player, what’s best about this expansion is what it does not have in it:  LUCRE.  Lucre is essentially Cosmic Encounters version of money/trade goods and it made playing with ‘everything’ in the Mayfair expansion a tower of suck.  By this time with the FF version we have tech, we have hazards– so the designers were probably reaching for new stuff to put in (obviously they have tons of aliens to choose from) and lucre was undoubtedly on the list of considerations.  Here’s to the designers for not putting that in the game!

What’s sad is we have only played four times this year…