Master of Orion – another try!

Master of Orion is a masterpiece of strategy gaming. The second one was fairly good too, but the first for it’s clean design and minimalist micromanagement was top drawer. Many teams have tried to build a better MOO and all have failed because whenever I play them, I just want to go play MOO instead. This excludes the boardgame ECLIPSE, which is the perfect MOO game that isn’t on a computer.

So it’s 2015 and the bad bad bad taste of Master of Orion 3 is probably washed out of most of our mouths and anuses and there is an announcement by the World of Tanks people that they are doing a new MOO game. All I can say is GOOD LUCK. They are going to need it. How many have tried since 1994 and failed? So many… so many…


2 thoughts on “Master of Orion – another try!”

  1. With the original on GOG and on iOS(Starbase Orion), why even bother? Theres even a Star Trek verion of it(Birth of the Federation) still supported by fan community.

    1. I don’t disagree, they MAY be able to pull it off though. Birth of the Federation was pretty good, but man it was buggy as shit in the late game.

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