Interesting: revised version of Dungeon Quest coming Fall

new cover
new cover

Fantasy Flight makes some excellent games and they keep alive many of the games that are the best ever made, such as TALISMAN and Cosmic Encounter.  They have done right by these two certainly because they themselves know what players want out of those games.  There have been a couple reprints/revisions of classic games that missed the mark.  Warrior Knights, so beautifully created with such awesome pieces, was saddled with a terrible version of Wallenstein/Shogun’s action system and amounted to the players playhing VS the game system itself rather than each other.  Another beautiful but flawed revision of a Games Workshop classic released just a few years ago was Dungeon Quest.  The main issue with the revision being that the combat, extremely simple and deadly in the first version of the game by GW, was rebuilt heavy– very very heavy.  Well, there must be life in this game since there is a revision of the revision coming this Fall that I will definitely pick up.  I got to play the original only a couple of times at a convention and it’s a rush in and grab the loot before dying game.  Since DQ is elimination, the key to such games (such as King of Tokyo, Love Letter and Epic Spell Wars: Duel at Mount Skullsfire) is that they are extremely short and simple–which does NOT mean bad.  Simple (that is also good) is also very difficult to do in terms of game design.  Take Warrior Knights (new version) vs Shogun.  The first is very difficult to learn and especially to play, where Shogun, after the first turn of action selection and resolution, is easily grasped by players and it becomes about who can WIN the game against each other rather than who can learn to play the game system better.  I’ve got high hopes for the new DQ.

Oh and there’s the final BOARD PIECE for Talisman.

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