Cosmic Conflict is on sale for you to go and buy

Ready for Love!

It’s not quite around in stores (at least around here) but FF posted that the expansion is for sale.  Now that this is out– will there be another?  Really only your cash on the galactic barrel-head can determine it.   I read the list of aliens, as well as the list of previously published aliens that didn’t make it in and my only slight sadness is no Silencer this time.

Here is the list of (non Lucre) alien powers that are still out there to be included in a new expansion.  The bold ones are Aliens I absolutely think should be in the game. (thanks boardgamegeek’s ‘Barney Bustoffson’):

ANOMALY Changes Luck – Mayfair
ARISTOCRAT Picks Hand And Draws Flares
AURA Makes Others Reveal Hands
BERSERKER May Challenge Everyone – Mayfair
BOOMERANG Challenges Challenger
BUSYBODY Can Replace A Challenge Card – Mayfair
CONNOISSEUR Draws Double Cards – Mayfair
CRYSTAL Tells Allies Number To Commit
DELEGATOR Assigns Main Players
DEMON May Replace Offensive Player
DIPLOMAT Can Negotiate 3-Way Deals
DOPPELGANGER Gets Opponent’s Cards
GHOST Uses Tokens From Warp – Mayfair
GORGON Freezes Others’ Tokens – Mayfair
GRIEF Gets Cards In Sympathy – Mayfair
INSECT Copies Opponent’s Power
JUDGE Assigns Extra Win/Loss Terms
LASER Makes Opponent Play Blind
MAGNET Attracts Or Repels Allies
MESMER Can Change Own Artifacts
NEGATOR Reverses Decisions
OBVERSE Switches Signs – Mayfair
PAVLOV Can Reward Or Punish Opponent – Mayfair
PENTAFORM Has 5 Life Stages – Mayfair
PHANTOM Has Ghost Tokens – Mayfair
PROLONG Can Extend Challenge – Mayfair
QUEUE Selects Order Of Play – Mayfair
SCHIZOID Changes Goal Of Game
SERPENT Leads Others Astray – Mayfair
SILENCER Stops Communication By 1 Player
SKEPTIC Doubles Risk Of Challenges
STING Switches Dying Tokens – Mayfair
SUBVERSIVE Lures Opponent’s Allies – Mayfair
VAMPIRE Uses Eliminated Tokens – Mayfair
WITCH Casts Spells
WORM Repositions Cone
WRACK Tortures Opponent
WRAITH Keeps Tokens Off Board – Mayfair