Best of the Master series gets a much needed reprint!

Released yesterday, IKUSA is the new name for Milton Bradley’s master system triumph Shogun (later Samurai Swords) produced now by WOTC.  I guess I should have sold my unpunched version of Samurai Swords a  few years back eh!?   While this is a must have, I feel this game has been somewhat eclipsed by Dirk Henn’s  Shogun.  To be sure, these are two very different games.  Herr Henn’s is a Euro take on the conflict and Samurai Swords/IKUSA is at the absolute apex of Ameritrash goodness.   Both are great in their own way, but Ikusa is longer, much more random and it’s objectives are to wipe the other players out as is the way with Ameritrash.  One has a cube tower and one has little plastic swords and the backfiring ninja!  I can’t help but love both.