7-Man Eclipse

Total Spacemosh.
Total Spacemosh.


We didn’t get the simutaneous rules quite right (at all) but it worked out in the end and was a great time. We ranged around 20 minutes per turn except for a couple turns, which for this many players + combats, is really great. I’d like to see ANY other 4X space board game with 7 players get it done with this level of satisfaction in such a short time.

One thing I guess I would like to see in Eclipse is some better diplomacy, different game objectives– like you don’t know what the game’s objective is when you start whether it’s kill ancients, take other people’s home worlds, etc. VP cards based on actions would be cool– and it would not be a crazy extension from the VP tokens they have (that you really only spend resources for at this point). Again, this would sort of merge in some of the great stuff from NEXUS OPS.

Looking forward to the next game of this, as always.

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