3 days before the Others kickstarter!

Given that Blood Rage hasn’t arrived yet it’s tough to back another CMON kickstarter so quickly, but The Others is looking like something¬†special (and another Studio McVey, Eric Lang, Adrian Smith collaboration).

There was a HUGE poster for the game at Gencon 2014 but little else since and very little at Gencon 2015 so I thought it might be in limbo, but the kickstarter starts on Sept 10th. ¬† If you are fan of Eric Lang’s work (Chaos in the Old World, Blood Rage), this is one to check out for sure. ¬†Likely the price of entry will be about 80$, but because it’s kickstarter and you will get all the stretch goals when it gets funded, you may get double that in retail value (like Blood Rage).

Here’s a vid where Lang talks about it.

Here’s the piece of art that piqued my interest about the game at Gencon.


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