We made it.   Great to see everyone that was in town for the week between Xmas and New Years and we had a bit of a gaming deluge, though it cost a shocking amount of sleep to pull off.   I’m hoping someday in the future the fruit of my loins learn how nice it is for them to sleep in.  When you’re thanking your lucky stars that you don’t have to get up until 6:30AM on a day you have off, that’s pretty sad.

There's a hand size difference here.

Yesterday was our first annual Cosmic Encounter tournament on New Year’s day.  We had 9 players and split into two tables, the winners of which moved on to a final at the champions table.   The first two games had two shared wins so the final was a four person instead of five.

The final was Tripler, Fungus, Bully, and the Mercenary.  The Fungus won the day with an attack on the Bully with four huge stacks of fungaloided ships.  Appropriately, Fungus was played by the notorious JP Duvall.  He shared a win in the preliminary and then convinced everyone in the final that they should only try to win it alone and only he was able to pull it off.  Hopefully everyone had fun and had good eats and got to talk a lot of trash.  I thought we should have a best of the worst game for the losers, but we ended up playing Dragon Lairds instead.

Today was Warhammer madness.   I got in a 3 man game with my beastmen vs the Vampire Counts and Lizardmen at 3000 points per side which meant I had to put every model I owned on the table (so many still sadly unpainted).  We rolled ‘Battle for the Pass’ so the board was cramped like craze with no real flanks to speak of.  My beastmen ambush was useless, but I managed to pull out a win due to a very very stubborn and extremely pissed off Gor unit that started 50 in number and ended the game with a mere nine after trashing a  unit of Blood Knights, a Skink/Kroxigor mixed unit and some grave guard that were ineffective on the flank.   The highlights of the game include both of my ‘flanks’ evaporating as beastmen ran away at the sight of Chaos Hounds being spanked in combat, the Stegadon getting sucked down into a Pit of Shades (after the dispell dice came up one short!) and Skinks taking out a razorgor and my Giant in the same turn (gahhh!).  Lord Lobo may post a battle report so I don’t want to go into too much detail but it was quite a butchers bill.  After 10 games or so with the Beasts, my tactical advice is to–no matter what–get stuck in as fast as possible– don’t mill about at all, and don’t let a few units of zombies get in the way– if you hit tarpits– HIT them and move on.  The beasts insane close combat prowess will likely carry the day if you can get them into touch.  If your opponent feels like they were randomly punched in the face on the bus when playing your beastmen, you’re doing it right.

3000 points of beasts playing short sides is a dangerous affair if you table edges aren't blocked off...