You are kickstarting my balls

Ok so you have convinced me to back your shit via kickstarter– I already think it’s a good idea and I think you’ll get it done (someday) so there is my fucking money.  While I am interested in your progress I am really not interested in anything but the finished product, i.e.: when the fuck it’s coming out, when the fuck I will get to play it or have it and if there are any delays about points one and two. I have no interest in my inbox being peppered with constant emails about the minutiae of your development process or any of the cool stuff that will be in your game or piece of art– I will see ALL that shit when it gets into my hot little hands.  Don’t want your interim artwork, don’t want your videos about stuff, don’t want your backslapping about how great your kickstarter went either.  All that is fine, but I really just want YOUR PRODUCT.  What’s more, if you have an inkling that your kickstarter is going to fail, please stop sending me the pleading emails to tell all my friends.  I have already pinged you on some social networks, I have already told people of like interest I know about it and they either chose to throw some cash in, or did not.  Sending me constant emails with banners to slap all over my site to back the kickstarter just displays an underlying anticipation of failure.  And if you think your kickstarter wouldn’t generate enough $$– why did you GO SO FUCKING HIGH SO THAT THE GOAL CANNOT BE REACHED?   Sure Kingdom Death went to some insane levels of funding, but they were only asking for 35,000$ to start– it’s not their fault that they are incredibly talented modelers and had SEX EVERYWHERE (not death at all)

That said, I did back the above 40K rehash and also recently backed the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide.  I am just having so much fun using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system (if not the setting) that I just can’t help myself but hope for more shit for that system.  While I really like FATE, I’m starting to lean a lot more towards Cortex because it really does supers well and with the eventual goal to be running Exalted again with a better system than 2nd edition, Cortex is much more suited for it than FATE is (Kerberos Club is close though).

One thought on “You are kickstarting my balls”

  1. Amen to this… I backed the Project Eternity KS and Shadowrun and they are non-stop spam of how their day is going. What they ate for lunch. Why they love games. Nothing yet on a solid release date.

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