Xmas Vacation (sort of) begins today!

Xmas 2014

I have to work this coming Monday, but it’s just a sprint review and planning and then it’s Xmas vacation!  I had a bunch of time to burn this year, so I will carry over about 4 days of vacation,  but things got so busy the last few weeks I couldn’t fit any vacation in.

That said, the plan for this vacation is to play some games of BOLT ACTION for sure, an obligatory game of Talisman (my woodlands expansion is still in the shrink!!!!!!) and to get a 6-8 hour session of RUNEQUEST wherein I am converting a Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure.   We’ll see how that goes. I must say my handle on the Runequest rules are spotty at best, but Basic Roleplaying is not terribly difficult generally– but some of the specifics will be tough to remember.

Other shit I wouldn’t mind trying is some more 13th Age, POSSIBLY Numenera to try it out and likely lots and lots of the new Ascension expansion which will  hold us over until SCROLLS is released on iOS.

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