World of Darkness post

A VERY frank discussion about Paradox’s plans for the World of Darkness.

This is the quote I liked most, but read the whole thing, there are others:

In the last few years, focused and easy-to-use products like Mutant: Year Zero and Lamentations of the Flame Princess are selling unexpectedly well. Their brevity and low threshold makes them perfect for introducing new players to the hobby, while the monumental classic-WW-style books generally sell poorly and are more read than played. If future editions of WoD are actively used rather than collected we have done our job.

Que a discussion of the pile of Exalted books in my house and how much we actually played it compared to…well nearly everything. ¬†And fuck, I tried, I really tried.

If you want to discuss it, please let me lend you my Fair Folk 2E book so you can read that first.


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