What will happen to Saint’s Row?

As predicted awhile back by just about everyone in the games industry, THQ bit the dust last week and was carved up by it’s competitors right quick.  While I care about Company of Heroes, I care about Saint’s Row more after the amazing third installment.  I think Volition was the real prize out of the grab bag of studios THQ dropped when it died. Volition got picked up by Koch Media out of Germany (no relation to the Tammany Hall style Koch brothers that rape the Midwest of  resources) with a rather large bid.

So the last thing I heard Volition was working on was a stand alone add on to Saints Row 3 where Aliens attack the city–looking like it features giant Kaiju style monsters as well which would be fantastical in every way.  Given that I doubt anyone would want to mess with a good thing–this will likely come out but after that?  Can there be a Saints Row 4?  Will they move to some other type of game in the interim?  We’ll be watching.

Just in case you forgot: