What is the worst genre for games and why is it steampunk?



A question asked recently in a certain region of the internet and I wanted to capture responses before it went away for good.

The fat people.
All the fucking fat people.
Morbidly obese? Have I got a genre for you!

Near future, because it attracts the intersection of realism spergs and powergaming shits.

I really wish I could repeatedly beat the hell out of whoever started the whole “Tesla is literally science Jesus” bullshit

FUCK victorian england aesthetics.

It’d be the same as putting any 50 people on a desert island. They’re gonna fuck. Suddenly you’re not competing against the other 50000 guys in your city. You’re competing against that dozen guys over there, because you’re only kinda fat, and Susy doesn’t like any of the REALLY fat guys.

2 thoughts on “What is the worst genre for games and why is it steampunk?”

  1. Best of the worst theory: Over time,all initial baseline evaluation levels to adjust to the mean of the current conditions.

    This is a theory Craig and I “created/named” and discussed at length while bored and intoxicated in college.

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