Well it’s about goddamn time!

Endless Space.   Community Driven 4x space game by some French peoples.  When you play, in the distance you can hear the cowes lowing out MOO.  Shot out onto the internets via Steam in alpha format if you pre-order the game, and while it is definitely an ALPHA, the game and interface shows a great deal of promise for those of use that feel we have been urinated upon from a great height by games like Sword of the Stars and Galactic Civ.

High points:

Combat is tight as Seven of Nine’s uniform and will work for both single player AND multiplayer

The interface is Jeisa Chiminazzo.  Extremely impressive both functionally and visually.

Ship design is easy.

BauriceMastard did a video of some play where he and I were babbling about it and of course it’s worth a listen– all fourty three minutes and twenty six seconds of it.

One thought on “Well it’s about goddamn time!”

  1. If the frogs manage to balance out some issues with this game, this will definitely be a keeper. The information presentation makes the deluge of things to absorb tolerable. This says something since I’ve ALWAYS been a “WTF does THAT do?!” kind of faggot. Can I afford that? Yep! *buy!* Not so much in this game though. I actually take the time to read (especially in that god damned tech sprout!) what things do and how they would effect the poor fucks that have me as their leader. I’m through to turn 253 now (after a couple of “I’m a cheating cunt” reverts) and with the knowledge that pirates will not spawn in systems that are fully occupied I have managed some semblance of competition with the rest of the swamp ninjas vying for galactic domination.

    Also… Humans are FUCKING EVIL!!!!

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