Well crap, Winter’s over…

We went from the best snow we’ve had all season to NO snow in less than 6 hours here Tuesday and today it was 60 again–so there went any chance of snowboarding until next December without a 6+ hour drive.

That said, I did get some runs in here and there and went four times. Mostly, the snow was an icesheet barely covered by the machine made, graded snow from the night before, but there were two days where the snow was in the “OK for here” zone.

This was my year to go off some jumps and do some funboxes.  Failed.  I went off one jump and crashed and slammed my knees on the first funbox I tried.  So, yeah– next  year when hopefully Jack Frost won’t be such a cunter.

One thought on “Well crap, Winter’s over…”

  1. I’m anxious to go boarding more frequently next season. I’d love to get a trip out to Colorado at some point with the family in tow.

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