Warhammer Quest coming for the iDevices

This is an odd one, but looks promising. The creator of Hunters and Hunters 2 is taking a crack and the seminal Games Workshop dungeon delver: Warhammer Quest. While I never got into this when it was out, I heard good things, so if they can pull it off, it should be solid stuff.

In terms of the board games, I infinitely prefer the dungeon crawlers like Descent or Advanced Heroquest where the game master is actively trying to KILL OFF the other players as it turns what really could be just D&D into a solid set of boardgame dynamics. Warhammer Quest, as I understand it, was not a game where the GM was trying to take out the players, but more of a traditional Dungeon Master role.

As for the idevice games, there are few and far between that are actually good– the system being absolutely swamped with the free-to-play/buy-my-stupid-in-game-shit games. There are a few gems that I consistently play: Tigris and Euphrates is pure gold and I am still trying to win Elder Sign with any frequency. I picked up La Havre, and while a great board game, on the iphone, the screen is far to small for the game to be playable.