Warhammer Fantasy Battle – Storm of Magic: July

probably no dwarf wizards

WFB 8th edition kicks total ass.  I’ve mentioned this before, and I will continue to keep reiterating it.  Other than Blood Bowl, which is the best thing Games Workshop has ever and will ever create, WFB 8th edition is a solid second place: it’s better than Necromunda (gasp!), better than Man O’ War (I would be throttled for saying this in some quarters of our fair city) and, as always, it’s the better game between it’s cool but not so fun to actually play Warhammer 40K.

That said, it’s getting close to a year since 8th edition came out, and we have only a single army book that’s ‘official’ and one just announced (Tomb Kings).  Granted the Skaven and Beastmen books were written as crossovers from 7th to 8th and work just fine, but there hasn’t been all that much out for the game in the last (almost) year.  There was supposedly a big announcement for the summer, and this could be it: just announced is not another army book (which we need) but a ‘Storm of Magic’ expansion that extends the magic phase and adds in what appears to be some bigger, more powerful MONSTRARS.   Given that my last game I shocked and awed my opponent as my measly lvl 1 Bray Shaman transformed in to an 8’s across the board Greater Red Dragon FTW, I guess— bring on the MONSTRARS!   In addition, it’s pretty obvious from reading some 5000 per side plus battle reports that the magic system (while great) does not scale up when there are half a dozen or more spellcasters on the table per side.  I’m looking forward to it and damn I still have so much to paint…

Reading about this announcement across the interwebtubes you really get the impression that long time Warhammer players love nothing better than to complain about every possible thing.  I just want to shake some of these guys and remind them that in the 70’s and early 80’s NOTHING like what Games Workshop has created and maintained was even close to existing.  Everything miniatures-wise pre-Citadel (i.e.:. before the mid 80’s) was pure shit on toast.  If you think differently, you have your nostalgic head straight up your pre-gen-x butthole!

Rule of the day!