VF5 Leads Shoes – Episode 1

Littlemute and I played some VF5 on the xboxen360 this week and I recorded it with a Vulkano Platinum device. The resulting video is

You may want to watch that shit in FULL 720p on the youtube main webplace.

More Episodes to follow at a predictable pace. Please let me know if you want more crazy edits or less.

Let me say some things about the Vulkano Platinum capture device,

1. It was 143$ american, shipped. To me, that seemed like a fair price.
2. It installed very easily.
3. It had a problem with Yellow Artifacts out of the BOX! When I used the component cable connections from my 360, to the Vulkano, to the receiver which connects to the TV (ALL COMPONENT CABLE CONNECTIONS), I’d get Yellow Artifacts at the 720p resolution. The Artifacts went away when I switched to using the HDMI out on the Vulkano. WTF is that? CHEAP MANUFACTURING. When I emailed the Monsoon corp about it, they say “Oh just use the HDMI, that will fix your issue.” The fuckers.
4. The PC interface for recording live TV is not very intuitive and thus sucks shit.
5. The Vulkano has a maximum recording resolution of Recording of 720 x 480 pixels. WTF is that? I’ll tell you what that is, it’s a 3:2 aspect ratio CLUSTERFUCK. You can’t use a higher rez and the lower resolutions are also a 3:2 aspect ratio. When you are capturing xbox360 which is outputing 720p (1280×720 pixels) at 16:9 aspect ratio you get a file that is squished and will need to be re-encoded to look right. HOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS DID MONSOON FUCK THIS UP SO BAD? See this chart for reference on aspect ratios.
6. The Vulkano doesn’t allow for pass through, HOLY SHIT THAT IS GAY. Once you connect it, you have to keep the thing powered on even if you are not trying to capture video.
7. After a while the Vulkano will lock up and you have to pull the power cord on it to reboot it. WTF? The power on the remote does not turn the device “OFF” on “ON”.
8. I have no idea how the Vulkano device works as a time/place shifting device for Cable TV because we don’t have CABLE TV CUZ CABLE TV IS FOR ASSHOLES AND SPORTFUCKS.
9. I can’t get Monsoon to give me a GOD DAMN RMA# so i can return the device for a refund. I’ve emailed, then called. The folks on the emails said I’d have to call to get a RMA# and the folks on the phone said I’d have to email to get a RMA#. FUCK THAT! THOSE DAMN PAKI-DIANS, I know they need work too but I NEED A DAMNED RMA# MOTHERFUCKERS!
10. I’ve bought the HD PVR by Haupauge as a replacement, 188$ shipped. I’ll have it by next weekend and I PRAY TO FUCKING JESUS CHRIST it works better.