Vacation 2015

I’m going to post a bunch of silly shit this week, since I have about 30 draft articles over the years that I’ve never posted (some for good reason).  I want to try to cap next week off by posting in REAL TIME our camping Runequest 6 sessions.  While last year was a high watermark for fun with Lamentations, and really it’s the game of choice for me in that type of situation (chaos, booze, insects, low light) for easy of play and clarity of rules, I was thinking about running D&D 5th edition on the camping trip.  However, because we get horribly drunk and 5th is so similar to some of the OSR games (this is a GOOD thing), I don’t really think there’s be enough difference except instead of handing over one of the LotFP book marks to explain something, I would be handing around my D&D 5 players handbook all over…

So, since I have this… forced…audience during the camping trip and RQ 6 has been calling out to me to run again I’m going with that.

So yeah, summer vacation begins.


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