Uhhh– EA did you just make me tweet HOLY SHIT?

>>UPDATE!  – this was a scam!  <<  Don’t click on any twitter links to beta stuff–the only way to get it is to sign in to origin and look at the free games section.

I rarely log in to twitter, but this morning I did only to find a tweet on my wall or whatever the hell it’s called that approximated to: “Holy Shit, I just got my Battlefield 3 beta code. better get them while they last….”  of course I don’t have a Battlefield 3 beta code so this is even more ridiculous.  Of course some sites post stuff for you but this is a not a slight bit shitty because 1) I don’t have a BF3 code so I don’t know where that came from  2) it says, and I joke not, HOLY SHIT as the first piece of text in the tweet.   This EA BF launch is turning out to be very, very strange.

One thought on “Uhhh– EA did you just make me tweet HOLY SHIT?”

  1. Got the beta, played it all of about 15 minutes. The game itself is abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. However, the origin client had me so jaded I promptly deleted the game and origin. EA can suck a fat one.

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