Exalted 3 Comic released to kickstarter peeps

Exalted 3 will someday come out.  Gencon is looking impossible, but if you kickstarted the book you will have gotten a comic via drivethru to check out in the mean time.  Since the lead developer is apparently not going to die (this was a consideration due to health issues), we will likely see this relatively soon, but Gencon: no.

The comic is good, it’s not GREAT, but it’s a good read and does not descend into some of the cheese that the Exalted COMIC book did (there was good stuff in there too).   One thing of note is that people that kickstarted at a massive level to the new version got to contribute a character to the comic , so the writers/artists were dealing with some fanboy’s wet dream from the outset.  Given that, it turned out really well compared to the horrible vanity shadowfist cards we’ve seen since Zman gave up the game.

I’m still excited for this fucker, but if it sucks, it’s only postponed my Exalted game using Marvel Heroic (cortex+) system.

Here are a couple of pics.




RIP Dave Trampier

Dave Trampier, the best of the old D&D artist has died.   Trampier was the WORMY guy who also did the counter art for TITAN and all of the art for DIVINE RIGHT as well as all the greatest pieces (along with Erol Otus and Willingham) from D&D basic and AD&D.  His shit was the fucking best— and then he dropped off the face of the earth in the mid 80’s, last seen as a cab driver in Illinois in some town you’ve never heard of.   His art was a huge inspiration to me– I used to trace his counter art from KING OF THE TABLE TOP and TITAN and then, like everyone else, just stare at his shit from from Deities and Demigods and the Monster Manual.    He was super versatile with various different styles.  Apparently he grew to hate the whole D&D scene and just dropped out.    I guess there’s not much to say good about him croaking except that we may get a complete WORMY book and likely the guy has a massive stash of art that he’s doodled over the years.  If you were as good as he was, I can see stopping commercially but stopping art entirely?  Impossible.

Enough with the typing, here is some of his stuff.

Pseudo-Dragon rakshasa TITAN Titanrules frostgiants DMcover mushroomgarden