Torchlight 2 Hardcore Newb run (someday)

I’d love to say Torchlight 2 is right around the corner, but it probably isn’t. ┬áThat said, most of us will not get into the diablo 3 beta, so when Torchlight 2 comes out, we are planning on running Torchlight 2 the first time multiplayer hardcore WITHOUT having played the game before.

The Rules! (this is really on the honor system)

1) No one can have played the game before.

2) If you play, you cannot play at any other time until your hardcore character bites it (i.e.: no peeking ahead).

3) If your character dies, you are free to join again with a hardcore character. (rules 1 and 2 still apply) or quit this absolutely absurd waste of time once and for all.

4) We’ll make up many more rules as we go along if things don’t seem in the spirit of playing newb hardcore!

Of course, as much of this will be documented and posted to the tubes of you as emotionally possible.

Oh and they announced the newest TL2 class; The BERZERKER.