Torchlight 2 : 20 bones!

Runic announced the price for Torchlight 2 and clearly they are trying to make people to believe they are not making an A-class title (it’s an A-class title).  They also additionally mentioned that this is ALL you will have to spend.    That’s 5$ more than one month of WOW for probably 50 hours of play even before you delve into mods (and there will be mega mods).   And the last class was announced which looks like a more standard mage-esque type chick.   Looking forward to uhhh… October?

One thought on “Torchlight 2 : 20 bones!”

  1. This is quickly becoming the “replacement” for Diablow III. Blizzard is fucking every thing up with their “give us all your money” model and people are angry about it.

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