Tomorrow = Wallet bad touching!

Valve’s summer sale on steam starts tomorrow (at least so the leaks say) and your wallet needs to be prepared, cause it’s going to get pilloried and then beat with a hairbrush and then full on bented.

Now, I don’t want to hear all these excuses about how bad your game backlog is and that you shouldn’t buy any new games until you ‘finish’ the old ones. Of fucking COURSE you shouldn’t. Frankly we should all just be playing CIV4 or Dominions 4 or DOTA2 and not anything else. Total cost today: about 16$. Instead we’re going to buy Witcher 3 at 20% off and Far Cry 4 and LISA and Crimzon Clover and Eschelon 2 and (for those that don’t have them yet) Darkest Dungeon, Dungeon of the Endless and Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 and they may sit in our steam library uninstalled for YEARS before we play them. So what? Do it anyway. There are just some games, no matter how long it takes to even get them installed, that you fucking NEED to have. Do it.

Again, if I see that LISA is missing from your library, I’m buyin it for you. And Sensless has a birthday and needs to have some games applied to his account.

Other than stuff listed above, I’m looking for Blood Bowl 2, Vermintide, Mordheim, BFG and shit all the Games Workshop IP stuff that I haven’t got around to buying to go on sale (slightly). If I was going to ask one game peeps should buy together it would be Vermintide and then we can play like friends again. Like we did in 1998.

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