Third time’s the charm

Given that the existence of the Ghanaian soccer team is to prevent the USA from advancing in the World Cup, it was amazing to see the very close victory this evening by the Yankee horde.  The game looked… sloppy at best from both sides.  Given Altidore’s injury, I feel the air was taken out of the USA’s offense early on, and it was all defense after that.  The corner on Ghana where the second US goal was scored was beautiful but unfortunate for Ghana as that didn’t need to happen– especially when they were peppering the goal right and left during the middle of the game.    Needless to say, both teams need to take it to Portugal (if possible) and then minimize their loss to Germany to advance. Ghana could still end up being the foil to USA’s chances to advance out of the group.  Just you watch!

oops wrong sex
oops wrong sex

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