The THING 2(!?)

Norwegians.  Remember them?  They flew in over the station in a helicopter chasing a dog.  One got shot inside the eye and the other got blown up real good.  Their lines were not subtitled so it sounded like gibberish.  There were other Norwegians–lots of them died at their own base–but what really happened?

Thing 2,  coming out next year, details the events that happened before the fateful helicopter chase.  Notable: the main protagonist is a chick, and it’s a Norwegian film.  More here.

I expected Hollywood to puke a sequel out in the last few years along the lines of Highlander 2, but shockingly, this doesn’t look like some rehashed Hollywood schlock from the imagination-devoid hack writer’s guild to cash in on the street cred of one of the finest horror films ever made.

Oh and if you haven’t read this fanfic of the original film from the Thing’s point of view– get on it.