The Raid: Redemption worth a look

I don’t see very many movies but I was down in Miami for a bit and got to see the new Star Trek (which was entertaining but the pace was a bit silly) and the Raid: Redemption.   Raid is very similar to last year’s Dredd wherein a bunch of cops try to take down a gang boss in a very large building.   I was trying to run this type of plot in my Apocalypse Palau campaign for a modified Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, but the characters were just to powerful (they could have just punched the building down for the most part).

However, like Dredd, the Raid is a MUST SEE if you like action films of the John Woo genre.  With the Raid, you get a bunch of awesome kung fu to boot!  The knife fighting bits are especially mind blowing. Check below for a nice fight scene of note.


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