The New Star Wars just Came Out

No, not the movie, the DICE powered Battlefield style game just entered OPEN beta.  Maurice!Bastard is currently playing and I’ve started the download sequence.  I will fire up FRAPS and take some videos as soon as I can and then post them.   I really loved BF2042, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.  BF4 came out too soon after 3, so I never tried that and was hoping they would come out with a new BF2142– well, with the Star Wars license, this is going to be as close as we get in spirit to 2142 with walkers and shit like that.

Despite the fact that I have grown to hate the Star Wars hype and due to those terrible movies, the brand itself in some ways, I’m all in.  PEW FUCKING PEW PEW!


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