The deluge of Skyrim info begins

Not sure how much of this is official, but here is quite a bit of info on the game.  It all looks good, and it’s definitely got some Fallout in there.  Here are the most important bits as I see it:

No Classes
There’s really no reason to have classes in these games when it comes right down to it, the player will focus on whatever skills and traits they feel they need, whether for fighting or for sneaking around or seduction.  What this also trashes is the min-max class selection– i.e.: if you want to be a wizard, this is the class/race combo that is the best.

Yay, you can sprint.

Each hand does some stuff
Apparently you can dual wield, or have one hand do some fireball action while the other swings a sword.

4 thoughts on “The deluge of Skyrim info begins”

  1. Yes! We no longer have to use that one shot anymore. OXM has gifted the internet with five new shots of the next Elder Scrolls game, and also some art which I have not included here because art, as everybody knows, is for the elderly. So if you “like” “art” you can view it over at OXM and if you like actual real screenshots that will put a song in your heart and make your tea taste all the sweeter you can see them all below.

  2. These were in the game informer that came out a couple weeks back. I’d love to see some new shit– but then again, It’s coming out so soon (relatively) that I’d be cool not to look at anything until the game comes out.

  3. Hmm, it appears that those, too, were posted on Eurogamer on the 2nd.
    Is Duvall in any way related to this release? It’s looking quite shiny.

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