The Clutch Brew

I got a chance to try the new brew from Clutch this week during some raucous games of King of Tokyo and it was pretty good– not a sessionable beer by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s really not what microbrews of this sort are.   It’s dubbed a sour coffee stout and just that claim is eyebrow-raising in of itself.  I think if the sour came through strong first, it would ruin the experience, but somehow a mellow stout starts it off, and then a blast of coffee– after you get a sour Franzizkaner-like finish.  Overall, a very interesting brew, but I’m not a fan of coffee, so would love to try this without it.  I’m not sure I could do a whole bottle (they’re pretty big) but a pint will go down well.   The bottle itself is gorgeous.  Time will tell if this is a series or a solid one off.