Lee Sedol and Alphago

Alphago took all three games from Lee Sedol in GO, winning the 5 game series. They played on and Lee won game 4 yesterday.

GOBASE.ORG has all the games set up so you can play through them and try to guess the next move.  I worked through both game 3 and the last game and while I’m a complete novice, what I saw was complete blockage of anything that Lee tried to do in game 3 and frankly, couldn’t follow game 4 well.  In game 3, watch white in the game simply close off areas with brilliant shunting moves.  I can only describe it that way because I don’t have the Go knowledge to do more.

So what now?  People still play in chess tournaments even though no human will ever beat the top computer again. With go, I have a feeling people will start to study the way AlphaBlue won the games and played and we may get better over time because of it.  However, if a computer can beat a human at Go, which seemed impossible 10 years ago, why is it that a casual novice can beat the hardest difficulty of nearly any other computer game unless the computer full on cheats?

As for me, I have been frustrated the last few years because I got (for me) really good at 9X9 go vs the computer and now I suck ass!