Surviving the steam sale

I tried to spend as little as possible, knowing that I have so very little time to play games that many games I get can never be played.  There were some that I bit on and need to give the college try.  I probably should have picked up Far Cry 4 in retrospect, but that can wait a bit.  This is what I picked up.

Battle Brothers:


This is like a turn based Mount and Blade where you go from city to city getting quests and fighting in order to build up a group of mercenaries.  It does not have the visceral excitement of mount and blade where slaughtering enemies from horseback is one of the greatest things ever programmed.  However, for those mouse and keyboard challenged, Battle Brothers is an interesting take on it.  Jury is still  out as I’ve played so far only 3 hours.


This was an impulse buy.  Looks a bit like LOADED (from PS1) but with some RPG/ Tower Defense elements.  I haven’t installed this one yet.  Looks neat, could suck.

Prison Architect

Was cheap, will play this eventually.  Looks real silly.

Hand of Fate

I’ve been looking a this for months now but it was never low enough in cost to get.  This is an RPG deckbuilder along the lines of DreamQuest for the iOS.  Haven’t played it yet, but going to get in on this action.


Graham gifted me this and I need to install it. It’s a SHARKS vs Divers multiplayer game.  Looks fantastic!

Salt and Sanctuary

I’ve been suffering helping my childes play Terraria and while I recognize it as a good game, I fucking hate it.   Salt and Sanctuary will burn away all those shitty Terraria memories as the essential 2D dark souls clone.  Installed and ready to go, but have to finish dark souls 2 first.  Fuck…

Wolfenstein the new Order

I just need to play this and it was finally cheap enough to pick up.


2 thoughts on “Surviving the steam sale”

  1. I picked up Darkest Dungeon, Lisa and Rebel Galaxy… surviving the sale having only spent $30.

    Wolfenstein was worth $7 when I picked it up. It’s a solid game but towards the end the boss fights become a bit tedious… very similar to Space Marine or Killzone 2.

    1. I love TWO of those games for sure. I haven’t spent enough time with LISA yet to really immerse. Rebel Galaxy is fantastic.

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