SSX looking Sex, but can it make up for a NOSNOW winter?

We’ve had a mild, pleasant, Spring-like Winter this year in the midwest… and it’s fucking SUCKED!  I’ve been snowboarding only twice and both times it was an ICE SHEET at the top of the hill and a crappy draw at the bottom.   As soon as new snow is made, it either melts, adding to the ice sheet, or gets blasted away by eager beavers from the morning sessions (understandably).  I’ve really never seen conditions this bad.

Given that infinite sadness of a wasted winter where the meely brown grass mushes underfoot instead of two feet of snow, SSX, an infamous snowboarding game on the Xbox, is making it’s re-debut on the 360– and the demo is looking to hit next week.   I for one, out of simple dismay at Old Man Winter’s feeble offerings this year, getting it immediately.

Here’s a video to gaze at what snow COULD be like if Winter wasn’t such an awful asshole (and of course if the laws of gravity were different on planet earth)