Spaceship Commercial

I backed Star Citizen by Chris Roberts and was real glad that it got uber-funded because despite his fat face showing up in the wing commander movie (piss from the very depths of space) the fucker makes great games and has literally defined the space fighter/trader genre. I’ve been ignoring the backer emails from some time now– I just feel, hell I backed your shit, now leave me alone until the game is ready for me to play, plus now he’s sitting on a pot of gold which COULD make someone build a shitgame like Duke Nukem or Diakatana, but I just checked this out on a whim and Roberts is putting out something SERIOUS here–fake commercials for spaceships in his games that rival some of the best BF3 videos from EA– and those are essentially TV commercials. Lay your burned out eyeballs on this tasty morsel: