The Dark elves look far better in Skyrim than oblivion, though that hat doesn't match too good.

It’s finally out!  Only a few hours in and it’s showing it’s quality in the combat, systems and graphics.  The metacritic score speaks for itself at ninety SIX.   While I liked Oblivion a lot, especially the Shivering Isles expansion (that just had excellent writing throughout) I felt Morrowind was the stronger game– though certainly not technically nor graphically– heck modders were able to make far better PC/NPC heads than Bethesda did back then, and by far better I really mean it,  so my hope with Skyrim is that it tops Morrowind by far.

Here is a tweak guide for PC users:  Big thing is to increase the Field of View if you are running in the FPS view (which is good for finding the small stuff).

My main love so far is that you can SWIM IN THE FUCKING CREEKS!  And I don’t mean just on the surface! Like Morrowind, you can go under the water and look around and, of course, find stuff.  Otherwise, like Fallout, for as big as the Skyrim world is, there is a shocking amount of detail to the environments– not RAGE level, which is wonderment incarnate, but close.

You still can’t make a pretty girlface via the custom creator.  In that this is no different than oblivion or fallout.  All the girls you can make for each race are fug ugs.

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