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Heads up you fist freaks! We're going to do our best to keep these pages as organized and as true to the original design and content as possible while adding new material (mostly just new decks). As Shadowfist.com has finally come into it's own as not only a resource for buying stuff but as a resource for PLAYERS of the game once the cards leave the store shelves, I recommend all new players to go there. This site deals for the most part with the old Daedelus Shadowfist (circa 95-97) and is thus dated.

There is no intention of updating most of the material here, except for putting up some new decks that our group here in Milwaukee drudge up. Most of us fans of fist were playing so much and trying to keep the game alive and played that once it got rolling with Z-Man games, gods bless them, interest sort of dropped off (we'd all been playing since '97!) but I'm sure the worm will turn again and we'll start playing again (hell people still have dreams of playing the utterly broken Jyhad/V:Tes from time to time!). Any Questions or request you can email little old me and you can be sure as long as woodenmen.org is around, these files will be at /shadowfist/.

Recent Additions

What Should I Know?

Not much, to tell the truth. These are very straight-forward pages, and will remain so. No frames, nothing outside HTML 3.2. You'll always find links back along the tree structure of these pages at the bottom of each page, along with (except for the deck pages) a last modification date. Content over form, and all that.

Why Bother?

I like Shadowfist a lot, so I want to encourge people to play it, so that it'll stay around and five years from now I'll be buying the Pax Britannica (Dragons from England make their presence felt, but the Jammers aren't buying it!) expansion set. Also, I get a nice chunk of egoboo from watching my hit totals slowly rise. It's a nice example of community good arising from self-interest, but I begin to verge on my political theory.

Shadowfist is the best multi-player game on the market; We need to convince the population to play it over every other CCG. Otherwise, I used the site all the time when I first started to play the game; Now, it is my turn to give something back to the community. Plus, I have no time, so what's one more thing to do?

Where Do You Get Material?

rec.games.trading-cards.misc mostly, and the stuff you (yes you) send me. Send me something neat and I'll stick it up, as long as it's Shadowfist-related -- you'll make my day.

Who Are You?

An utter churlish knave, theif, womanizer, plagerist, fornicator and sodomite, I am the ruthless and non-Endearing host of the tower of power that is woodenmen.org. In a fit of warranted self-depreciation, begged bryant durell to host his old (then winzipped) shadowfist pages as a vain attempt at validating the existance of woodenmen.org to be something other than an inane and worthless ego-pumping web log of nothing.

I'm a fairly good Shadowfist player, a competent system administrator, and in general your typical Silicon Valley hacker-yuppie. My home pages, which have been vastly neglected in the course of making these pages a force to be reckoned with, are available for those who wish to plumb the depths of my psyche.

Finally settled into a nice software engineering (i.e. programming) job with an unlikely subject: a finance company.  I play many popular CCG's including M:TG, Shadowfist, and Doomtown and some not so popular ones as well.  Beyond work, I seem to do too much around CCG's: I'm a playtester for Magic, a playtester for Doomtown, I tested Fist (a long time agao) and now B5 as well, a ranger for B5, and keep up these pages; plus we have a tournament a week (or more) with all of these games. Its hard keeping up! Also, I have Doomtown pages as well. Oh yah, eBay too.

Last modified: March 5, 1999.