Seven Masters Vs The Underworld reprint coming soon

Four Mountains Fist action will again be more possible for newb players

One of the best Shadowfist expansions is getting a reprint in the next few weeks!   No more begging off people on the streets for Shun Dai, Never Surrender or Kun Lun Clan Assault cards (a common no less!).  I’ll be picking up a box for sure to flesh out some of my missing rares and pumping up my uncommons.   If anyone is getting a box and wants to do some trading for the stuff they need, shoot me a message.  With deference to Netherworld 1, this expansion has both the best art and some of the best cards in the game, what’s more it has all but three of the cards for the Seven Masters faction, that is playable with a box and a half or so of this set.  A must have.