River City Ransom Underground kickstarter

Yes, kickstarters are often successful for themselves but unsuccesful for backers, but you should take another chance at it and back this:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/combitstudios/river-city-ransom-underground

A bunch of Canucks are putting together a new River City Ransom– a new version of the best game ever made on the NES system (yes, I am aware of Mega Man).  While we can easily just go and play Castle Crashers, these guys are keeping it HIGH SCHOOL through and through with the same plot and similar characters.    I’m like 25 years older than the last time I played River City on an actual NES so I have no idea if it will stand the test of time– but I have played the living SHIT out of Castle Crashers with my errant children.  If that’s any indication, this will be a big winner.

No post like this is complete without an animated gif!



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