Realm of the Mad God

The character models sort of look like clothed scrotes anyway.

I was flipping through Google Chrome apps and saw this bad boy dubbing itself (as far as I can tell)  as a MMO fantasy shooter(?!).  The first part is bad, but the second parts (the shooter + fantasy bit) was too good not to check out.  It plays like Smash TV and has all the generic fantasy tropes you can imagine.  Of course it’s free, but you can buy shit in game as is the M.O. for every MMO these days.

After playing for a good 40 minutes or so it descended into tedium for me soloing around–especially since quests are for everyone on the map and can get gobbled up faster than you can get there to even see the enemies.  Sure I appreciate the permanent character death when you get shot from all sides, but it started to get tedious.  Then, out of nowhere, I got on what I’ve only heard described as a “RAPE TRAIN” and that made all the difference.  A rape train is a truly massive conglomerate of players, probably 100 – 200 at a time that run along a road way in a map zone as fast as they can shooting everything everywhere.  You can’t even see the enemy mobs that pop up before they are destroyed, let alone grab any loot that drops (you can’t see the ground— there are too many players on scren) unless you get off the train.  As there are  many high-level characters on the train, the mobs that spawn are superlative and give mass amounts of experience– but if you get off the train you can find yourself totally overmatched weeping all alone as you are surrounded and your 50 pixel character tossed into the permadeath pile.

Overall, an interesting game, it’s skill based and is completely unapologetic if you are fat fingering and get stuck between some rocks and killed.  Along with the perma-death, the fact that you can get GOOD at playing the game physically can be appreciated.  The game would be completely overlooked if it wasn’t in the browser, but it is, and it makes a pretty cool pick up game.

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