Random RPG shit


Not that this happens often, but there has been some actual pen and paper RPG that has dropped this year: couple Dresden Files games and one abortive session of Bulldogs! with tabletop forge using Google Hangouts.  While the session was taking the piss due to it being just character creation, the tool proved to be pretty great and now they have a kickstarter (like everyone else) to make it better and better.  I threw 35$ in because even that one night was worth it.

Secondly, alright! finally something good coming out of the old school D&D craze.  This was released in 2011 as a boxed set.  That’s right, a BOXED SET.  Champions!

And speaking of D&D, that died the day 4th edition came out because the designers couldn’t stop for more than 10 minutes from playing WOW, 5th edition (the community edition) is still in the works and it looks um…yeah….they’re still playing WOW.