Pre-purchasing digital crap

It’s a ridiculous thing to do, and makes no sense just give your money and get nothing for a month or two before the product hits the streets– at which time there is, of course, no shortage because you’re not actually buying anything physical, just some bandwidth that the seller may provide to get you the digital asssssets at the time of release.    Why would anyone do this?  For some crappy in game items? bollocks.  If they were that great, they’d be in the game.  Remember the BF2142 debacle where the special weapon models made playing the game more difficult– but once you bought them/got them they could never be turned off?  All in all just a stupid thing to do, and yet people must be doing it as tons of games, especially any A-level title, is crying out for your cash before they can deliver the goods.  Who would do such a thing?  Only an idiot really.

And, of course, my hypocrisy knows no bounds as I just pre-purchased Rage and for all the stupid in the world pre-purchasing a digital download is–it felt good…

One thought on “Pre-purchasing digital crap”

  1. I did the same with Space Marine. Though I DID get a free copy of Darksiders.
    Does that make it forgivable?

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