Post about new stuff in a new Rules and Magic book for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

The Lord of Plagues and Fevers posted some ideas he’s had for a new core rulebook for Lamentations.   I have the Grindhouse edition and not the newer hardcover (that steve has) and I’ve thought since reading and running that these rules for old school D&D are… perfect.  This is the game I want my kids to start with (yes, I know Lamentations art and adventures are not for kids, but the rules are so clean and crisp that I can’t think of anything better to start off with). This is the game I want to perpetually run and play characters in because no matter the conditions– drunk, tired as shit, cranky players that don’t want to learn anything new (including me sometimes) this is IT.  So, I approach new rules with natural trepidation.   The thread mentions a couple things of importance that he is thinking about:

2 new classes – Witchhunter and Conquistador.  First one I like, second one, not sure about the name.

ALL weapons do D8 damage but you might get to roll 2 and pick the best one for certain weapons

Increased effectiveness of shields.  This might be really cool and simple. (and we know that’s how people fought anyway)

Anyway, some other stuff on the whole thread here:

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