Pax Illuminatem Kickstarter

Is that the right spelling? I don’t even know. This looks quite interesting, though the ‘goals’ in the game to fulfill plots are sort of odd because it’s about patterns of card spacing in a grid, but I’m hopeful that this simple mechanic will bear fruit Sticking PAX on stuff and calling it a day is not something I hope for this line of games that has been so influential on what I love to play these days instead of just another viticulture slapped on some random theme game.

Pax Illuminatem also boasts being one of the few blatantly Masonic games, with the exact goal of Freemasonry itself: spreading the teachings of the Enlightenment which looking at Western history, is probably the most important thing from a non-scientific side we did and can do going forward.

Here are some videos:

5 minute intro:

Full “Learn how to Play”

And finally here is the kickstarter link: Pax Illuminaten by Ion Game Design — Kickstarter

It is bundled with a witch game which I haven’t had time to research much on yet.

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