Paint assholes

Along with their recent price increase overall, Games Workshop changed their paint line again.  This time it wasn’t a few colors here and there that were ‘retired,’ the entire LINE has been changed.   Now I’m not a big fan of GW’s paints overall: they are water based so dry out way faster than other manufacturers– but they have been the foundation of my paint palette for decades now– so much so that I am now driving around to non-GW stockists who carry GW paint to try to find key colors that DO NOT HAVE AN EQUIVALENT PAINT COLOR in the new set (like bestial brown).  You see, most GW stockists sent back their paints for free replacements, leaving the only place you can get the old paints to be stockists that are on the ‘outs’ (i.e. they carried GW stuff but are just trying to sell off what they have an not buying new stuff– or ebay/craigslist, whatever.  Of course the prices will rise and rise.

This is not to say the new paint line is altogether bad, some of GW’s colors (especially their inks and metallics) are great stuff but to have no equivalents? That’s the DRIZZLIN SHITS I tell you what.